What causes infertility, and when should we seek help?

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What fertility tests are typically performed during an initial consultation?

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What fertility treatments does the clinic offer?

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Are fertility treatments covered by insurance?

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How long does the fertility treatment process typically take?

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Are there lifestyle changes that can enhance fertility?

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What support services does the clinic offer for emotional well-being during fertility treatments?

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Are there age limits for fertility treatments?

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How can I schedule a consultation at the fertility clinic?

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English is not my native language. Does your staff speak other languages?

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Are medications covered in the list price of treatment on the website?

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What hospital are you affiliated with?

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Patient Education


  1. Mixing
  2. Preparing the Injection
  3. Preparing the Injection Site
  4. Injecting
  5. Disposal


  1. Loading the Follistim® Pen
  2. Attaching the Needle
  3. Preparing the Injection Site
  4. Dialing the Prescribed Dose
  5. Inject
  6. Disposal


  1. Preparing the syringe
  2. Preparing the Injection Site
  3. Injecting

Progesterone in Oil

  1. Draw Up
  2. Switching Needles
  3. Inject


  1. Preparing Your Injection
  2. Preparing the Injection Site
  3. Injecting

Patient Resources

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