Samantha Stern, MMS, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Samantha Stern is a seasoned and beloved PA with extensive knowledge in the fertility and OBGYN speciality.

Originally hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, embarked on a journey that led her southward for both her undergraduate and graduate education. Honoring her academic prowess, she graduated with honors from Tulane University before pursuing her physician assistant studies at Wake Forest School of Medicine. It was during her time in PA school that Samantha discovered her fervor for women’s health, setting the stage for her impactful career.

Post-PA certification, Samantha ventured to New York City, where she contributed significantly to the healthcare landscape at NYU Langone Medical Center. There, she immersed herself in inpatient obstetrics and pediatrics, handling high-risk pregnancies, supporting women in labor, caring for postpartum women, and attending to newborns in the hospital setting. The experience shaped Samantha’s expertise and deepened her commitment to women’s well-being.

Returning to the Northern Virginia area to be closer to family, Samantha Stern now specializes in fertility medicine, bringing a wealth of knowledge and dedication to her practice. In her role, she offers a comprehensive spectrum of fertility and gynecologic care.

Samantha’s approach to healthcare is rooted in empowerment, and she actively encourages women to be partners in their healthcare decisions. Through her expertise and compassionate care, Samantha continues to make a positive impact on the lives of her patients, embodying a commitment to women’s health and wellness.